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MACH-20 Hires Nationally Recognized Materials Scientist Dr. W. Howard Poisl 

March 23, 2021

Growing hypersonic consulting firm adds to its roster to make America more competitive in critical areas of hypersonic technology


March 23, 2021 - The nation's leading hypersonic technology consulting firm MACH-20, LLC today announced the hiring of noted materials specialist Dr. W. Howard Poisl as a Senior Fellow and Consultant.  Prior to joining MACH-20, Dr. Poisl spent his career in academia and industry developing optical, RF, and coating materials for high temperature applications.  He is a nationally recognized expert in materials science and processing of glasses, ceramics, polymers, and composites. 


Most recently, as a Senior Engineering Fellow and the Hypersonic Materials Lead for TBG and HAWC at Raytheon Missile Systems, Dr. Poisl led the development and testing of high temperature materials, evaluation of material response to conditions relevant to hypersonic flight, as well as the development of advanced optical and radome materials.  


"After decades of inattention, there is a broad recognition that America needs investment in hypersonic technology, especially given the undivided focus our competitors are giving to this critical area.  So when presented with the opportunity to hire one of our field's most recognized experts, we jumped at the chance.  With more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Poisl solidifies MACH-20's reputation as a leader in providing unbiased technical assessment of state of the art and emerging hypersonic technology," said Jesse Margiotta, co-founder and chief scientist of MACH-20.  


"We've made more progress and discovered more new approaches in hypersonics in the past year than we've made in the past decade, and that's because of the innovation and hard work of people like Dr. Poisl, so we couldn't be more delighted to add his talents to the MACH-20 team," added Dick Cheng, co-founder and chief technologist of MACH-20.


"I'm thrilled for the opportunity to contribute to MACH-20's mission of Accelerating Critical Technology for National Defense.  The many years I spent in industry were fantastic, but providing the Defense Department non-advocate technical insight is an excellent opportunity to have a bigger impact on American competitiveness," says Poisl.  "And to do so with a dynamic company like MACH-20 is energizing."

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