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Materials & Processing

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Materials Expertise Across Complex  Systems

At MACH-20, our esteemed team of engineers and scientists have vast knowledge in developing and applying advanced materials tailored to the demands of advanced technologies such as hypersonic, electro-optical / infrared sensing (EO/IR), and microelectronics. With an extensive background encompassing metals, ceramics, semiconductors, fiber composites, and more, we navigate the intracacies of materials challenges with finesse.

Hypersonic Ground Testing

MACH-20 supports many high-end facilities that are equipped with advanced technology, such as high-speed wind tunnels, shock tubes, and arc heaters which simulate the extreme conditions of hypersonic flight on the ground. This allows us to conduct comprehensive evaluations of system performance across a broad spectrum of conditions, encompassing high temperatures, mechanical stress, and erosion. Through this process, we identify potential challenges and areas for improvement, ensuring our solutions remain at the forefront of hypersonic technology.

And Beyond

MACH-20 drives confidence in multiple cutting-edge fields, including space-based sensing, EO/IR, propulsion, hardware security, signature management, modeling and simulation, and robotics. Our team comprises of highly skilled engineers and scientists, driven by an unwavering commitment to push these technologies to new frontiers. Through their dedication and ingenuity, we continuously craft innovative solutions that drives confidence in your battlespace.