MACH-20 Adventures to South Korea

An International Conference on High-Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites

Jeju Island, South Korea, at the Ramada Plaza set the stage for the International Conference on High-Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites from August 27th to 31st, 2023. This prestigious event brought together a global cadre of scholars and industry experts to delve into advancements in materials engineered to endure extreme conditions—a cornerstone for innovation in aeronautics, energy, and other high-tech industries. Beyond the conference, the island offered the MACH-20 team with a deep dive into Korean culture. The legendary Yongduam Rock and the contemporary Seoul Plaza Fountain showcased the country's balance of tradition with modernity. While the conference was the focal point, the team also enjoyed the urban landscape in the heart of Seoul. The raucous yet endearing traditional markets of Chungnamand and tranquil temples held their own against the electronic signage flashing the latest K-pop sensation. Each day concluded with dinners where the exchange of ideas continued, often over traditional Korean dishes. The team explored many new foods among the korean barbeque, copious fresh raw fish, and traditional fermented vegetables. The gatherings, though centered around the conference's themes, also allowed for meaningful cultural exchanges. As the conference drew to a close, the intense discussions on the future of high-temperature ceramics to the energy of a culture rich with history and flavor, this was a trip that encapsulated the essence of discovery and the joy of adventure in MACH-20. Till next time, 한국 (hanguk), you have MACH-20’s brainpower, heart, and appetite.