MACH-20: Facilitating Cross-Disciplinary Innovation

The HTSC 2023, hosted in North Logan, Utah, marked a pivotal event in hypersonic technology, uniting multidisciplinary experts to address this sector’s evolving challenges and innovations. MACH-20’s active participation underscores a deep commitment to advancing aerospace technology through innovation and strategic collaboration. The conference’s scope extended across various critical domains, including Thermal Protection, Propulsion, Aerodynamics, and Navigation Systems, offering a holistic view of the current hypersonic landscape. More details on topics can be found at the HTSC website. The conference highlighted an opportunity for cross pollination of ideas. The HTSC are critical for nurturing this essential collaborative ecosystem. MACH-20 is both grateful and excited to continually partake in these conferences and seize the opportunity to improve the cross pollination. This collaborative environment is essential for addressing the multifaceted opportunities inherent in hypersonic technology.