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Co-Founder | Chief Scientist
Sr. Technology Advisor
Michael Kinsella has over 34 years of experience working for the Air Force Research Laboratory at WPAFB. Over the course of his career, he has gained technical and program management experience in developing advanced technologies for turbine engine propulsion, materials and manufacturing, and hypersonic systems. Mr. Kinsella’s turbine engine experience ranges from aero, heat transfer, and materials basic research to ground testing of advanced fighter engines. This experience included a two year rotation to the Propulsion SPO as the Turbine IPT lead for the F-135 engine. During this rotation, all final design reviews were completed, over 1000 turbine module specific requirements were verified, and F35 first flight was accomplished. Mr. Kinsella’s next experience was as Ceramics and Composites Branch Chief in the Materials and Manufacturing Directorate. Here he was responsible for overseeing the research of government and contractor personnel on high temperature ceramic and polymer compo
Sr. Technology Manager
VP, Finance
Sr. Technology Manager
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Sr. Manufacturing Engineer
Co-Founder | Chief Technologist
Sr. Principal Engineer
Sr. Program Manager
VP, Operations
Testing Lead
Sr. Systems Analyst
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